Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Gocco Wishes!

As a business owner, spending money has to be carefully calculated. Splurges included. So when I visited the blog of megan creates I learned some wonderful news, I had to control my desire to scheme plot and plan how I could have one of these in my own possession. For those of you who know me well, you'd think I saw a lovely coach purse or a great pair of sandals even maybe something great at Target. Not so, it's the Gocco. Like a kid with a Christmas list, I have Gocco wishes again. My list of toys I desire has pushed the Gocco back to the top. My desire had subsided, I was able to give myself a timeline for making the purchase since so many other things took precedence at the moment. Then I heard the news…

My favorite paper store Paper Source has agreed to carry the Gocco and its supplies and sell them not just in the store but ONLINE! What! I thought "Have all my dreams come true?" This once highest bid on ebay paper printing delight was now available to me without scouring websites trying to find one in somewhat good condition? This news was FABULOUS. I know for those of you who just don't know about the Gocco you wonder why I'm making such a big fuss. Well… because it allows me to have some instant gratification on some of the designs I've created. Instead of going to have some of my designs printed, I can do it myself---who doesn't like that? Well, this new Gocco is the Big Daddy of Gocco's so it's larger than the one I initially had my eye on, but never the less, my desire is still the same. If you love Gocco like I do celebrate Paper Source's role in saving the Gocco! Now I must realign my budget to fill my Gocco wish.

Do you want a Gocco of your own? Click here for more details

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