Thursday, May 31, 2007

My New Obsession... The Gocco

(photo credit to Orange Beautiful)

Of course its paper related! I've been reading all my favorite blogs and on two new blogs I fell upon a cool new toy that is now on my wishlist its called the Gocco. Now I know you're thinking what on earth is that? While the rest of you are wondering why it took me so long to find out about it. Well, now that I know all I can say is it is sooo cool. (excuse my 7th grade moment).
The Gocco can print beautiful invites, cards, promos whatever. All you need is a black and white print out of your design, the inks, and all your gocco supplies and equipment and you're in business. Now this isn't a printing technique you do for a 1,0000 quantity job, but for a small party or note card--Why Not? I have seen some brides use these to print their invitations.

Now, do you see why its my new obsession? Its like my own printing press! I ferociously surfed the internet trying to learn more about this mysterious contraption that creates such loveliness that I learned that they are no longer being produced in the US so if you're like me (coming late to the gocco party) well, you have to find yours on a variety of websites. They run a price point of 115 to 250 with some sites providing products too. As a designer I've wondered what I could do with this lovely contraption well take a look and see what it can do plus see what a gocco looks like too. (photo provided by orange beautiful)

So if you're mind is swirling with ideas, don't worry you're not alone. If you need more information about the gocco check out this posting on wedding bee to learn more about the gocco!

Hey if you find a gocco, save one for me!
Happy Creating

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