Sunday, July 1, 2007

How much for a wedding invite

Recently I've noticed more and more brides creating their own invitations. Why? Many of them are shocked at the cost for a wedding invite or just don't feel that the amount wanted for an invitation or as some translate it to be "just paper" will cost.
I think I have an opinion on this and while I think if you have the talent definitely DIY your invites but don't resolve yourself to looking at your invitation as just a piece of paper.

When you think about your weding invitation what comes to mind? Is it whimsical? romantic? modern? vintage? or exude elegance? The choice comes from your wedding theme, the colors for your special day but more importantly what inspires you. Finding your wedding invite is not an easy task because it says so much to your guest. Not just when and where your wedding will take place but it gives clues to your style the theme of the wedding and possibly hints to what can be expected. Thinking your invite is just a piece of paper devalues the purpose of this mighty powerful communication tool. Yes, wedding invites can become pricy if you're watching your budget but before you decide to write off the cost as being a waste have you done your homework? Ask yourself these questions...

1.How can this cost be minimized-are there excess expenses like multiple inks or printing techniques or getting caught up in the invitation extras (like menu cards, escort cards etc.) that are eating away at your invitation budget? If so before you say yes, think about how you can cut cost to stay within budget.

2. Have you found a designer or stationary line that matches your budget? Finding the right person to design or help you find your invites who isn't about "making the sell" will help in the long run.

3. Are your eyes bigger than your stomach? Meaning have you been lured by all the prettiness that you forget what you can spend?

4. Has anyone provided ways for you to maximize your budget? For example mixing printing techniques, thinking about embellishments to increase the loveliness of a simple invite. Sometimes an invite can be just as classy without all the pocket folds and extras.

5. Are you flexible. Sometimes we want what we want with no exceptions that we don't realize there are other ways to do it that are just as lovely.

I know I know for someone who's embarking into the invitation business I should maybe say "spend spend spend" but having been around brides and knowing that so many never realize that invitations are not just important piece of the budget but also more than $250 that I should share my thoughts. Plus, this knowledge has sparked me to create a line of invitations that allow the bride on a budget to maximize her cost and maybe limit one of her DIY projects.

So I'm off to continue creating the invitation line that I feel is stylish but not going to break your bank or cause your wedding budget to eliminate party favors because of unexpected invitation cost.

(invite image copyright people st. clair 2007)


Blue Orchid Designs said...

I think it is handy to for brides to remember that an invitation is usually the cost of a greeting card - that will help with getting real numbers in planning their budget. It's sticker shock because we normally don't buy 150 greeting cards at the same time!

People St.Clair said...

so true and what most brides do not realize is that their invitation is in fact a greeting card. It is a special announcement and if they would spend 2.25 on a greeting card why not do the same or more for your wedding invitation.