Monday, April 14, 2008

The Power of Words

I saw this picture...

On this blog and it got me thinking about words and how sometimes the right ones make the day a lot better. I wanted to share some words I've noticed through the blogosphere that well, now I'm on the hunt to place somewhere in my own home.

This popular poster says it all when days are chaotic {to say the least} I love pink but you can find one in your favorite color too.

This one is lovely and if you're a avid Domino Mag reader I'm sure you fell in love with it just like I did.

I saw this one here but you can find your copy here. Sometimes these words are so easily forgotten {especially when everything seems to be going wrong}

There are plenty more where these come from but just think about it... isn't it amazing how a few words can change how you feel or what you're thinking? So go ahead and find some motivating words to hang in your space.


Diana Coronado said...

Heyy !! lovely !!

Hence72 said...

Hi pleased to meet you

enjoyinng you blog

come pay a visit sometime

millie said...

words are great way to decorate walls,and so many different surfaces..I love it,love it..
have a few projects with calligraphie (not sure how to write the word:( ..) not posted anywhere yet.
if you're interested,please visit my blog,I would be happy for some hint how to make it better,suggestions,comments...
love your blog,i'm reading it very often
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