Saturday, January 26, 2008

Great Gift Idea

I think these stylish recipe boxes by Jack and Lulu are perfect, what I love even more are the creative ways you can make this stylish gift become a wonderful keepsake with these ideas:

If you're hosting a bridal shower send one of the cards from the recipe box to all the guest and ask everyone to share their favorite recipe. You can collect those cards during the shower then package and give them to the bride to be. She will have a multitude of recipes to try and all of them filled with love.

Another idea is to change the categories to things you love like "desserts" "cocktails" "dinner parties" "great impressions" "brunch/breakfast" and ask friends to share their best recipes for each of these sections like if your aunt's favorite dish to serve to her mother in law. Even if you're not hosting a party send them to friends and family and delight in what comes back to you in the mail. *This idea would be perfect for a housewarming too just insert the cards into the invites and collect them at the party and you have a complete box of recipes for future dinner parties and more.

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