Friday, November 30, 2007

Let's Gocco Pt.2

I have the B5 gocco, its larger than the one many people have. My screens are larger and it requires more bulbs etc. So I'll talk about my process with this model of the Gocco {although the process isn't too different}

First Supplies...
Blue Filter
Original Overlay Paper
B5 Screen
Ink Blocking tape
Laser print out or copy of your design

** You need the laser print out because the carbon in the ink is what creates your design on the screen when the bulbs flash and basically take a picture of your image. Then its the image on the screen that will allow for ink to come through to make your design.

Step One: Setting Everything Up.

A. Place the Original Overlay Paper on to the sticky padding (this is needed only when you are making your original document) *since the pad is sticky this will ensure your image with adhere to the screen and not stay stuck to the padding.

B. Grab your screen and filter and place the filter on the site of the screen that is is clear with the blue side of the screen (and you will see an arrow in the left corner) facing you.

C. Slide the filter and screen into the slot making sure it is secure and in the right position.

D. Place your image on top of the Original Overlay Paper.

E. Check your image by closing the gocco to make sure your image is centered and how you want it positioned for prining. Once you are satisified with the position of the image close your gocco.

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