Thursday, November 29, 2007

Let's Gocco Pt. 4

Step Four: Lets Print
A. Pick up your inked screen and make sure the blue side and arrow are facing you.
B. You will now need to remove your laser print out. (I usually hold the screen in one hand and GENTLY pull the laser print out away from the screen.) If you do this too quick you may leave paper on your image that will get stuck to the screen or injur the screen.
C. Once the laser print out is removed, set it aside and then with the blue side of the screen still facing you, slide the image into the gocco.
D. Select your card and place it on the sticky pad (the pad will keep your paper secure through the process)
*Note if your sticky pad is no longer sticky... the book says to use a damp cloth and pat on the pad then pad tape onto the pad and that is suppose to make your pad sticky again--I haven't tried this yet if any one has let me know if it works)
E. Use the glass window to determine if your card is positioned where you want it to be. If you want to mark your cards place use these red tabs (pictured) to mark the card positioning.
F. Once the card is in place you're ready to print. Close the gocco with a firm press and GENTLY pull it back open and you will see a gocco'd card. Joy and elation should follow {it always does for me} Find a place to set your cards so they can dry. And repeat process until you've printed everything you would like to print.

The Gocco will print in large quantities sometimes without re-inking and sometimes you may have to re-ink. If you have to re-ink its simple.
A. Pull out the screen
B. Lay a blank piece of paper down on your gocco area (if you don't you will have ink on your table or workspace)
C. Open up the screen and based on where you see ink is needed put a dab of ink on that spot.
D. Close the screen covering and insert back into the gocco and resume printing.

This is how it's done. If you have questions, want to share tips and tricks or just want to comment--feel free. I hope this has been informative.


Lisa from Blush said...

Um wow. Thanks so much for all that! I am unnaturally excited by paper and cards and such. And now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go add a Gocco to my Christmas list.
And, one more time... Thanks!

People St.Clair said...

I'm glad it helps. Once you get one you'll be a little addicted. I've done cards, invites anything with it. Definitely add to your Christmas List!