Thursday, November 29, 2007


have my eye on these kraft ornaments from Paper-Source.

You're probably not like me when it comes to receiving a new paper source catalog in the mail {yes some of the things are in previous catalogs} but I still get excited. These ornaments are a perfect DIY project for your tree. If you want to include little ones or the whole family you can be as creative as you like. don't forget the glitter!

Visit Paper Source in addition to these stars, there's some great wrapping paper too!


marta said...

i just love paper source. what a cute star ornament. i would love to see what you do with them!

Molly said...

ooohh, I love papersource! I just received the new catalog, and there are so many lovely things! Those ornaments would be fabulous with loads of glitter!

People St.Clair said...

Hi Marta
I'm such a paper source junkie, thanks for visiting. I'm still trying to determine what to do with my tree but these stars and glitter seem like the right idea :)

Hi Molly,
This catalog was full of so many different things. I love the gift wrap options and some of the other gifts they have in there too. You're right those ornaments will be fabulous but almost everything is with glitter :)