Saturday, June 30, 2007

Wedding Season is Over

Well it is for us anyways. Sure we'll still talk about weddings but just like a wedding when it's over, we too have to move on. So I hope you enjoyed the wedding features and look out for plenty more because we love weddings and to stop talking about weddings would just be crazy! For our last entry to close out our wedding series lets talk about your guest book.

Sign the Guestbook

Have you been to weddings where there is that lovely book where you and other guest have scribbled your name in super small print (to make sure it’s on the same line) so you can tell the Bride and Groom “I attended your Wedding?” In the end the Bride who is looking over the book can’t tell who you are because the writing is so illegible. I know I talked about this briefly in another blog post, but this time I want to devote full blog attention to your guest book. Let’s talk about some cool ways to remember this special moment and the guest who were there to share it with you.

Before I continue, I should say that in the grand scheme of weddings you don’t need a guest book. But if you are like so many brides who are sentimental and want to incorporate these special memories into something you can look back on twenty years from now, try one of these ideas instead of the classic guest book.

Did you take engagement photos? If so why not create a book through sites like my publisher or Blurbwhere you can upload those lovely pictures that very few people see and create a book of those wonderful engagement shots. If you give yourself some white space while creating your book, so that you can have rooms for guest to sign your book. Be sure to leave some pens so that guest can sign their best wishes among your photos.

If you didn’t take engagement photos use pictures of the two of you through your relationship. From special nights out to vacations and create a photo montage of your relationship. This will allow guest who may have been with you at certain events remember those moments of your relationship and sign a cute note that helps you remember another aspect of that event.

Bring in the Photo Booth I know you have heard so many people mention the photo booth but it’s a great idea so I’m jumping on the bandwagon and say having a photo booth is a fun and interactive way to engage guest and what better way to have guest snap shots of themselves and then post them in a photo album for you and write messages of best wishes. All you need is a photo album I love Kolo but there are plenty others and if you choose black background get some silver or white markers but for a white background select some colorful markers in your theme colors. Give your guest some instructions (maybe have someone man the table early that night) and at the end of the night collect the book and compile the photos (have a friend assist if you’re honeymooning). You can do this idea with a regular Polaroid too so have fun!

The other timeless and ever popular “make a wish” cards are also perfect. Through some research and lots of reading a lot of brides are getting creative with their guest book. Why? Who wants a book of scribbles that you will not read? Exactly so feel free take an idea or share one of your own with me.

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