Sunday, June 24, 2007

White Hot Bridal Shower

When I created this inspiration board for a bridal shower the words of Billy Idol hit my head "Its a nice day for a white wedding" and from those words I thought... Why not create a shower that is totally white. Celebrate the purity of love with an all white wedding shower. The inspiration board gets you started with a variety of decoration elements.

Envision white candies, tea sandwhiches, a cool game like a memory scrapbook or yearbook where your guest schedule activities with you or for you for a year. Plus a signature white drink like white chocolate martini with white chocolate truffle features. Think white bouquets throughout your venue of various flowers and paper lanterns around your buffet and large diamonds to use with centerpieces.If you want a gift theme think linens for bedrooms,kitchen and dining room. Ask guest to wear whit like these cute dresses from j.crew Most of all take plenty pictures and have fun.

(photos:martha stewart;wedding favorites;j.crew;brides magazine)

Here's to wedded bliss (in white)

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