Friday, June 22, 2007

Graffiti + Weddings= Wonderful?

Graffiti and Wedding are two words that obviously don't go together right? Well if you visit the site of Wonderful Graffiti, you will see just how these two words are the perfect pair. No matter your theme or design concept for your wedding wonderful graffiti knows how to fit in and provide just the right subtle touches to make your wedding stand out. From coasters to the dance floor this site has thought all the little cute details that will instantly create automatic envy from those who attend your wedding. It's easy to visit their site and want to purchase everything so hold back Brides and remember your theme and your budget but definitely indulge!

Here are some pictures of some of the products I think are great for weddings…

From the Black Tie Collection.

Some focal point designs that can be used at ceremonies or receptions

And on Dance Floors!

Now do you see how graffiti at a wedding can actually be wonderful? Go ahead add some graffiti to your wedding!

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