Monday, June 25, 2007

Jewelry Chemistry

I know I may be late coming to this wedding party but I found a lovely little discovery for you brides or bridesmaids searching for jewelry to go with you bridesmaid gown that does not look like prom 1989. While the 80's have been making a comeback, when it comes to jewelry let's take what we've learned from the 80's and progress to 2007. Dear Ms. Bride check out Chemistry Bridal. It's a cool and innovative way to find jewelry that matches your bridesmaid's dresses and personalities while staying in the same color family. Whether you're looking for just necklaces or a jeweled ensemble of necklace, bracelet and ring they have it and its simply lovely. What makes this site even better they'll customize the designs for you.

I love these little details! If you need a few more jewelry sites to visit check out our recent posting Lovely Wedding Bling.

Tiaras for Cake Who Knew!
As I was searching through various bridal websites I came across paris tiara and remembered an article in Inside Weddings or InStyle Weddings that talked about changing your cake toppers from the traditional to the unique. For those of you planning elegant, opulent weddings filled with bridal bling think about a cake tiara. These are beautiful on top of a lovely decorated cake. Plus it's a different way to showcase your cake. Need help finding a beautiful cake tiara? Try Paris Tiaras

Hope you are inspired to creatively think outside the box for your wedding day. Start with Jewelry.

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