Thursday, June 28, 2007


Have you ever just lost steam? Recently I feel like I've been loosing steam. I've placed blame on allergies, the hot summer heat or just an influx in activities since its Summer but in reality my creative bug is loosing its buzz. So what do I do now?

Well I thought about this for brides or you hip hostesses with full summer social calendars and thought the best ways to refuel and ignite that creative bug again...

1. Treat yourself- For me there's nothing like a spa pedicure and manicure and whenever I feel like totally treating myself you can find me in the nail salon.
2. Hang out with friends-there's nothing having your friends to talk to you about the lastest gossip or the best purse to have for the season. Hanging out with friends will divert your attention and maybe while you're out you can relax and then when its time to get back to work you're refreshed. (ask your friends not to ask about your party or wedding plans.)
3.Take a walk-now for many that would be a hike in nature, for others it would be the mall. But by walking your mind is able to just wander and think about something other than your wedding day.

I do all of these when I need a boost in energy or to revive my creative juices and one of the most important points to getting energized is that I don't force it. So if you're not in the mood to plan your wedding that's find take a break the details will be there tomorrow and if you have a wedding planner, their job is to handle all the details. So Ms. Bride and Ms. Hostess sometimes you loose steam and wish you could just take a break from wedding planning. Do it! When you do, you will be that much more energized to push ahead.

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