Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Romance Wins!

According to a USA Today snapshot poll of nearly 3,000 people surveyed 87 percent of adults would rather a romantic proposal over a huge diamond ring. Only 13 percent of adults wanted the large diamond ring. After reading this and seeing that more and more shows are coming out that don't focus on weddings but the proposal I thought… Proposals aren't about the ring anyways it's really about the sentiment, the expression of love. What girl wouldn't want a wonderfully romantic proposal over a big shiny diamond? It's the story you tell your kids and grandkids, eventually the big rock becomes too cumbersome as kids enter the picture and life becomes more active. Plus isn't love worth more than diamonds? Well it should be (that's my opinion).

As I thought further about this whole proposal statistic I couldn't help but think of the Sex in the City episode when Charlotte got engaged to Trey. In case you don't remember… I'll recap. Charlotte realized how she could get Trey to agree to any of her request from a trick Trey's mother Bunny would often used (a touch and squeeze of the wrist after making the request). So over dinner Charlotte tested this strategy out and says they should get married. Using the same technique as Bunny, Trey agrees. Charlotte is left confused, a bit perplexed and heartbroken. Why? That wasn't the proposal she wanted. She wanted the story, something romantic and beautiful and an arm squeeze over salad at dinner isn't how she envisioned her engagement story would go. So bothered and upset by it in the end of the episode Charlotte used another romantic moment shared by her and Trey in front of Tiffany's as her proposal story. All because she like so many women want the romantic declaration of love over the "So you wanna just do this" request.

Now I'm a girl who truly believes in love. I do think love can conquer all and that love without selfish motivations, demands or expectations is the best love anyone can have. This is love in its purest form and it is this kind of love that spurs a romantic proposal because the person planning the proposal is coming from their heart and not thinking about "if I don't do it like this, She will say no." Who doesn't want to have love they know comes from the heart? It's nice to know in a world where love sometimes seems like it doesn't exist and crazy seems to win every time that love is alive and well.
Here's to love!

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