Monday, June 18, 2007

Great Minds…

When it comes to a wedding the challenge for any bride is to take the same wedding concept and make it different, than every other wedding that is out there. If you're a bride who isn't tied to pink or must have roses and you're ready to think outside the box… well here are some cool ideas that may inspire you.


I've been to many weddings where the word "escort card" results in blank stares or confusion. If you fall in this bunch… move past this entry but if your interest is peeked (just a little) here are some cool ideas.

Those engagement pictures and bridal portraits you took and wondered who would see them beside mom, mom in law and grandmas well get more bang for your engagement photo buck by using those snapshots as your escort card. On one side have the photo and on the other write your guest name and table number. You can write these out, your friend with the pretty handwriting can do it (just offer a lovely gift for their work) or hire a calligrapher.

How do you do this? The photo sharing site flickr has a great site that will print your photos and send them back to you on cards just visit mini moo site to learn how to make your own mini moo cards.

Another idea I saw came from my favorite creative crafty resource Martha Stewart Weddings. The idea is to use childhood pictures of you and the groom and place them on paper and wrap chocolate bars with your photo. This is such a cute idea… here's more information.


Think about new and different ways to incorporate those pictures into your wedding. One idea I saw that I just loved is a bride used photos of her and the groom at the age of the table number. So at table 10 your guest would see you at your 10-year old self. Another twist on this, if you want to incorporate family use those family pictures and you can designate the tables as family members names or based on locations if it's a family portrait somewhere special. Instead of having a slideshow think of bringing that show to all the tables and giving guest a piece of your family at their table. Have the evenings MC tell guest to check out the other tables to see your photos.


The wedding guest book has improved from the white fabric covered book that guest scribble names and addresses into to wonderful tables where guest can make a wish, provide marriage advice or just write best wishes. If you want guest to leave you a wish or share wedding advice, do it these ideas are timeless and wonderful. Now if you're a bride looking for something different, here are some other ideas I've seen that are great too.

1.If you want guest to see your engagement photos create a book of your wedding shots sized down or justified to the left and leave that white space for guest to write their well wishes. What a cool way to combine your engagement photos and guest book into one functional piece that will be lovely on a coffee table. If you have an imac the photo software will let you make a book and have it published and sent to your doorstep. Just ask your photographer for a digital copy of your engagement snapshots.

2.If your budget permits have a photo book and have guest get in and take pictures of themselves post them to a blank photo album and write their wishes of joy and happiness. This is a bit labor intensive so you may want to have a wedding planner or someone assist in helping the guest. The best albums are by Kolo

Hopefully these ideas will get your creative juices flowing so that you can put your own twist on these great ideas.

Here's to wedded bliss!

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