Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Art of Saying Thank You

Imagine you're back from your honeymoon, celebrating your newlywed status and there are all those lovely gifts stacked in your floor. Before you dive in and relish in the lovely place settings, napkins or sheets get organized first by grabbing a notepad, pen so that when you open a gift you can write down what the gift is and who gave it to you so when you start sending out thank you notes you're not providing the same tired lines-- "Thank you for the lovely gift and attending our wedding, love Mr and Mrs."

These responses aren't personal and why be impersonal when the person who gave you the gift made it very personal for them. So when you say thanks say "Dear Aunt Linda, thank you for sharing in our special day it was wonderful to have you witness this special moment in our lives. The black and white polka dot bowls are perfect and we plan to use them immediately, Love Mr. and Mrs." When friends and family come to your wedding it's a big deal for them and you. Why not make the thank you a big deal too. One word of caution…don't try to do all your thank you notes in one day pace yourself and get the groom involved to this isn't just about you anymore….


If you need to be inspired get lovely custom stationary with your married names or have your invitation designer create a thank you not that matches your invitation suite. Use pictures from your wedding and have the photo on a postcard or note card and write your thank you note on the other side.

Hopefully these ideas will help you say thank you.

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