Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Peoples Paper Wedding Planning Discoveries…

Hello friends. I've decided to not squeeze everything about wedding planning just in the month of June so while this month will still be filled with weddings. I've got a lot of other things to talk about too so let's start sharing!


I was traveling through my favorite blogs and Something Old, Something New had a great project for all you DIY brides that I thought was just wonderful. It's of course from my favorite site Martha Stewart but this idea is great because its perfect for parties of all types and weddings too. Its a paper project where you use colorful paper bags to create lovely paper flowers. I was so excited about this project that I was ready to purchase a bunch of colorful bags from Michaels immediately! Well, I won't keep it to myself,here are the detailed instructions enjoy!


For you brides who do not want to break the bank on the bar here's a great way to save money and have quality drinks that everyone will love. The company is called Stirrings and I've known about them for awhile and have used their cocktails for parties. These come in so many varieties that whether you want a full bar or just a signature drink this site is perfect. Oh yea, and they have a whole section devoted to weddings!!!

If this wasn't enough for you, stirrings also has a glass rimmers to make your drinks even more fabulous! Go ahead, click on the links and start creating and hey if you're lucky you may be able to get these lovely delights from your local store. Click on the store locator to find out if you can save on shipping while you're saving on alcohol.


When I was looking through BBJ Linen and Party Mosaic for table linen inspiration for an inspiration board, I found a page dedicated to cake décor and while I had seen something like this on Mindy Weiss and other party planning websites, I had to share this definitely fabulous idea. Why not use these table skirts to make your cake the belle of the ball too! If you're hosting a shower and want it totally girly add in the chairs too!

I know I've filled you a bunch of information so enjoy and get on the internet and search we'll do more wedding talk tomorrow.


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