Friday, June 15, 2007

A Logo is Born!

I know, I've said these words too many times before. This time...I really mean it. Have you ever kept looking at something and saying "something just isn't right?" That's how I felt about the logo I thought was the one. Like an outfit when something is missing or a dress that doesn't work simply because the shoe doesn't match the dress--this is how I felt about the logo. I know I was being picky. Wouldn't you? Essentially this logo is my business. My brand and I shouldn't slap something together (being a designer) and say here it is. I'm meticulous. And just like I told all the brides out there to follow their hearts, well I must do the same. In the words of my niece... "I've got to be me."

Enough with the declarations. I was debating on if I should debut it for you thinking there are a few more things I need to do with it but you know what... why not show it off?

(image is copyright protected)

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