Sunday, June 3, 2007

Let the planning begin (part one)

Planning a wedding shouldn't be loathed, stressful or no fun. If any of these emotions stir up in you during the planning process, it means you're doing too much and you need to seek out help or take a break from wedding planning. Here are some tips to help you get the planning process started.

1. Know your budget- For my avid Peoples Paper readers you expected me to say THEME first HA! With a major event like a wedding before you think location guest or anything else you need to know how much you can spend. A $20,000 budget is different that a $60,000 budget. While both can be beautiful, the budget helps you determine how you spend your money. WED TIP: once you set your budget STICK TO IT. Flexible budgets turn into overspending and unexplained cost. Weddings are costly affairs, and setting a budget you can stick to will make planning so much easier.

2. Who's on the Guest List? Believe it or not when you get married the number of friends you and your family have multiplies. One tip I use for any event (weddings included) invite people to your wedding that you would invite to your house for dinner. All your mother's co-workers would not show up at her house for dinner. Don't worry about being exclusive and sticking to your guest list. The best way to ensure that everyone gets to invite their friends, set your number and divide the number. For example: Let's say your guest list is 200 The bride's parents have 50 the grooms parents have 50 and the couple each have 50. Now if that doesn't work for you and you're family then if the guest list is going to grow, then parents have to be aware that so will cost, and if they're happily willing to cover the cost add to the guest list. Well Send out the Invites WED TIP: don't invite so many guests that by the end of the night you feel you said to hello to everyone you barely knew with no time to spend with close friends and family.

3. Theme- Of course in a wedding you need a theme. Magazines like Brides, Martha Stewart, Instyle Weddings all give wonderful ideas on how to create a theme to your event. A theme gives your wedding cohesion. Its easy to look in a wedding magazine and see so many great ideas and when you throw them together they look crazy. Setting your theme allows you some order in adding unique elements or stylish twist to your affair. Popular themes: Monogram (the focus is on your new initials); Beach; Rustic; Classic-Traditional; Glamorous; Modern-Simplistic; butterfly; polka dots;

All of these concepts can then be easily applied to your color scheme and you're halfway there in the planning process. WED TIP: Pick a theme that is about you and your fiancé. Think about selecting a cool hobby you share together and tie that into your theme. Also don't copy a theme completely from a magazine, because it won't look like it comes from you but more like Martha Stewart Weddings.

4. Location- Where have you always envisioned tying the knot? The location will predict the season and date. If you want a garden wedding May June July are ideal if you want a Church wedding anytime of the year works. But have a location in mind and think about your guest count and your budget.

5. Ceremony Style-think about if you want to have readings, unity candles along with the style will the ceremony be traditional or infused with religion.

6. Reception Style- think about whether you want a large upscale affair or private event or just a cocktail shower. When selecting your reception style your budget is key since the reception takes 50% of your cost.

Phew! Well brides to be, take in what we've talked about and tomorrow I'll share what not to do while planning your wedding.

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