Monday, June 4, 2007

Wedding Planning Tips: The Mini List of Dos and Don'ts

The moment I started gathering information for this Summer Celebration June Bride series I've become reinspired by all the things I see on websites and hope to share much of this information with you. Today...I've compiled a mini list of dos and don'ts for wedding planning.

DON'T Change Bridesmaids halfway through your wedding planning. While I know many people have done this, it doesn't make it right. When you select bridesmaids be honest with yourself. You know your girlfriends the best and you also know what you want in a bridesmaid or maid of honor. With that said, don't put everyone in your wedding party be selective and have your friends serve in various capacities in your wedding that capitalizes on their strengths like (Being a hostess to guest; reading at the wedding ceremony; toasting at the reception). To change bridesmaids half-way through the planning process is taxing on you, your friendships and budgets.

DON'T Even if you're not paying for the wedding this is not when you decide to host a celebrity wedding. If you've been given a budget stick to it. If there are areas you would like to indulge do so but plan to contribute your own money. If your budget is what I call "sky's the limit" (lucky you!) but respect those who have offered to pay because that is also a gift to you and your fiance.

DON'T wait until the last minute. When you wait until the last minute to place orders and make arrangements you increase your budget considerably with rush charges and fees.

DON'T buy every wedding thing you see thinking you'll use it in your wedding. Sometimes the wedding bug bites us hard and we just get so excited about getting married. That's understandable but watch out for excessive purchases. Until you know your event theme, number of guest and locations REFRAIN from making any purchases. Once you have your ideas set then spend to your hearts delight!

For everything you just DON'T do when planning a wedding of course there are things you should do...Here are some tips to remember while planning your wedding.

DO Stay flexible- Know your theme, colors and the overall concept of your event but be flexible if not all the flowers you want are available in the season you choose to marry or the ribbon color doesn't have the same tint as your bridesmaids dresses and tables cloths. Beleive me when you're flexible--it's a lot less stressful. If being flexible for you is easier said than done, well... find two to three key areas that you will not bend on and be flexible everywhere else.

DO Ask for help- if you're feeling overwhelmed ask for help. Planning a wedding is a daunting task and if you're doing all the planning on your own its tremendously stressful. So in the areas where you could use one, two or ten hands ask for help and you'll be surprised how many people will show up. Hey and add some fun to mix by having food, drinks and music and turn it into a mini celebration.

DO Ask Questions- When you start meeting vendors, there will be a lot of terminology you just will not know. Don't worry most people will not know the difference between tulle and organza on any given day either. Ask your vendors what the terms mean, you're planning a wedding and the last thing you want is to get a cascading bouquet when you really wanted a nosegay.

DO Take a break from planning (do not make your wedding plans a 24/7 involvement or by the time the wedding comes you'll be over it.) Don't make the planning of your wedding the focus of your life because when its done you will suffer a major loss and instead of celebrating your marriage you will mourn the wedding. So go out and have fun with the girls or go with your fiance to a movie and just talk about everything other than wedding plans. Make it fun and anytime you're out and someone and you or they mention the wedding everyone pays a dollar. This money can go to your honeymoon spending.

DO Say thank you often-While everyone will happily help you simply because you're the bride to be, still tell friends and family thank you and that you appreciate them.

Finally, DO Have fun!Getting married is a memorable event filled with wonderful moments, don't get so caught up in the planning that you forget the special parts of the day. Who cares about a shade of pink, but you'll never forget how your fiance looked at you when he saw you walk down the aisle.

Here's to Wedded Bliss!

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