Friday, June 1, 2007

The Engagement Party

Congratulations! You're engaged… Now what?

Well celebrate! How many times does a person get engaged? For most of us it's only once so before you get immersed in bridal magazines or caught up in themes and color schemes, enjoy the moment. Celebrate being engaged. This wonderful party plan, is a nice way to share the best news with friends and family.

This party plan is perfect for those of you who want to have a nice gathering on a nice budget.

Theme:Sweet Love Cocktail Party
Colors: All Red

The Invite
When inviting guest you can choose a custom designed invite that plays on the red theme. If you hire a graphic artist maybe have the invite be a representation of your engagement in a story or poem like fashion with graphics (think visual madlibs). If you're not looking for a custom design, check your local party store
for a simple invite that says "Engagement Party". You can also go to a craft store, purchase stationary and look through wedding stamps for one that says We're engaged! Then write in a lovely font "Help Us Celebrate" and then write out the other party details.

The Decor
For your decor, think all red. So if you're hosting at your own house or a friends house, find a focal point of the party (usually where the food it) and cover the table with red table cloth and create a centerpeice of red roses in various hues. Heres some ideas:
1. To add a twist to it all find a larger glass vase then place a smaller one inside of it and then fill the larger vase with red jelly bellies.
2. Find a shimmery red ribbon and wrap your vases with ribbon that compliments your bouquets.
3. find lovely decorative paper from your local paper store and wrap around the vases.
**You can do each of these throughout your event space to add character to your event.

After the centerpiece if you can hang anything in this area think about using red paper lanterns to add more fun and dimension to the party. Keep the decoration throughout the rest of your venue simple with smaller floral centerpieces and or red candies or both by having a shallow bowl filled with red candies and in the center of the bowl have a small vase that holds your lovely red flowers.

The Drinks
For your menu think cocktail party. Have a small bar for cocktails. You can either hire a bartender or set up a selection of pre-mixed delights. Think classics like Martini's, Manhattans, gin and tonic, screwdrivers and to add to the celebration a Kir Royale. Plus your own signature red drink that you can search a variety of websites to help you create.

The Food
To compliment your cocktails create a menu of hearty finger foods. Contact your favorite restaurant and order a large quantity of their appetizers. Look for variety and things easy to eat while holding your cocktail.

The Music
The music that should play in the background is all swing, jazz and big band mix. Think Rat Pack, Ella Fitzgerald or current singers like Michael Buble or Diana Krall. There are plenty of pre mixed CDs for cocktail parties in your music stores various sections or visit iTunes and look for a mix of cocktail hour music and you will be surprised at how great the music will sound in your red landscape.

Celebratory Fun
Since its a cocktail party allow guest to mingle and talk with you and everyone else. Be ready to tell your proposal story over and over again all while showing off your new Bling!

A cool way to remember the event is to have a photo station and ask guest to take a picture of themselves with the polaroid and write a note of congratulations to the happy couple.

The Favor
Finally as guest leave why not give them a candy bar with signature wrapping that says "we're engaged!" there are plenty of cool website that can do this for you or you can check out an idea from Martha Stewart

Custom Chocolate Bar Sites
Hersheys Cocolate
Beau Coup
Chocolate Covers

Finally, enjoy being engaged. This is not just about a wedding, dress or the right theme its about two lives joining together to live happily ever after--Why not Celebrate!
(photos by spruce and martha stewart)

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