Thursday, June 21, 2007

Discovering your Photography Style

Let's face it, the only time many of us really care about photography is when we get married. When most of us sit down with a photographer we really just let him/her do their magic but for your wedding it's definitely different. Suddenly we care about whether the pictures are black and white or color, if it falls into a documentary or photojournalism style and we now understand the methods behind a posed shot. Our new found knowledge is great but what's even better is helping the photographer identify what is your photo style. Some brides love all the posed shots they can get while others want all candid, but saying what you like to your photographer is so much harder than showing it. If you want your photographer to know your photography style say it with what they know best…Pictures.

My favorite pictures are always done by Annie Lebowitz she is a genius! She makes a posed shot have purpose and mean more than this person is standing there looking straight into the camera. Whenever I buy Vogue Magazine and notice she's done a photo spread I go straight to the spread and just look at the shots because there is an artistic quality to them. With that said, If I wanted to show a photographer my photo style—Annie Lebowitz would be one of many pictures I would display. The best way to do it is read through all the magazines you love (including your wedding mags) and identify those pictures that speak to you. Definitely include plenty of wedding photos too that display specific poses or background settings that you would like to recreate for your own wedding. By having your own photo vision and sharing that visual picture with your photographer during your initial meeting help them know your style but more importantly, it helps you to determine if this is the right photographer for you.

Some other helpful tips for choosing a photographer

1.They meet your budget. Find someone who knows your budget and will give you the best bang for your buck and not get wrapped up in extra cost.

2.Do you love their work? If you love the photos in their albums sick with them if you don't move on. If they have no samples of work to show you move on because you do not need to put money in their service without seeing what they can do.

3.Make a list of desired photos. If there are "Must Have" shots for your wedding list them and specify these shots in your contractual agreement. This way it will ensure you get what you've asked for. **If you're working with an event planner, they too can ensure those shots are also taken so share the list with them.

4.Do they listen to you? A photographer with their own vision for your wedding day will not work. Make sure you and your photographer have a good connection with each other if they hear your desires and can expand on your vision book them immediately!

By discovering your style it makes sharing with your photographer your vision of your day much easier. So go ahead scan through your favorite websites and magazines...Discover!

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