Wednesday, May 23, 2007

“Where’s the Camera?”

Does this phrase sound familiar? Usually we miss great pictures from our party all because we don't think about having the camera anywhere in sight. Today, let's talk about taking great photos for your party. I should say that for your own party there's no need to hire a photographer but here are some cool ideas for capturing all the moments that even you might have missed….

IDEA #1: Purchase a few disposable digital cameras (some color, some black and white). Give these cameras to friends who you know will be up to this challenge. Ask them throughout the night to take photos of everything at the party and then on their last shot have a picture taken with you (the hostess). You will be surprised at the photos and how your friends capture the same party. That's what makes this idea so much fun. By mixing the color and black and white photos it gives you different perspectives and dimensions to all the shots taken. Now, you need to ask friends who will not forget after they took two pictures. If you need a little incentive (give out a gift card to Starbucks or something).

Depending on the size of your party, is what will determine how many cameras: For 25 guests have 2-cameras; 50-guest 4-cameras; 100 guest 6-cameras.

IDEA #2: If you're hosting a party with a guest of honor, it's rare that they get to talk to everyone, so when guest arrive, take their picture and then post them on a wall, and have them sign their photo with some thoughtful words. Once all guest have signed, put them in a cool photo album for the guest of honor to enjoy (hint: this could be your gift to them—wink -wink!) To do this you will need a Polaroid, film and if you can't greet everyone, you'll have to ask a friend to be responsible. But the end result is a great keepsake.

IDEA #3: While being the hostess is important, take a moment to enjoy the party and grab the camera and take a few candids and posed shots of your guest. Take the hostess hat off and put on the partygoer cap and snap away.

Now, besides these cool ideas, here are some things to do before the party starts so you don't end up spending half the party searching for your camera.

1.Purchase film, batteries, disposable cameras in advance. Don't wait until 10 minutes before the party to realize you need a camera.

2.Set out the camera in a visible space. Place it in the central hub of the party like on a table, counter top so that when you need it, you can grab it.

3.Take photos of everything, food, guest and have one taken of you too.

4.Have Fun!

While our summer celebration series winding down, I hope that when you're celebrating with friends and family you don't have to say "Where's the camera?"

Happy Celebrating!

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