Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I Am My Website!?

This is my new mantra… "I am my website." As I begin thinking about web design and development. For my event planning business I built the website all by myself. No help desk or any web guru assistance. Just me,my Mac and a loaded iTunes playlist to keep me singing while I struggled to get the right colors, links in the right place and understand this cooky thing called code. Looking back I realize I was channeling a different power. Call it sheer determination or limited cash flow. I was motivated to build this web site on my own. This time despite my knowledge I am searching for my muse, my mojo, my something that will get me started and not make web design feel so hard this time. This is why I quote my new mantra "I am my website" and continue searching web hosting sites for cool templates.
(Shh I know the easy way out)

On a larger front, I've been assessing where I am in the business building process. I'm close to finishing a business plan since I just successfully completed the dreaded financial section (I'm an artist, not an accountant!). I've figured out everything and have steadily checked things off my checklist except…. THE LOGO!

While I did post some logos a few days ago, I looked at them and just changed my mind. Walked back into my room of creation and sat there staring at my inspiration board wishing something would hit me. When I designed my logo for the event planning company it came so effortlessly. This time it has been a bit harder, but that's ok. I've been crafting designs, playing with color schemes and sending logos out to friends and family to see which one stands out to them. Luckily they like all of them (that says a lot about my design skill) This doesn't help me in selecting a logo. Today I had a creative moment doodled on some paper and we're going to see if this logo will be the one….. I'll keep you posted.

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