Tuesday, May 1, 2007


My routine each day is pretty much the same. I visit all my favorite blogs, get new ideas and then jot down websites to visit later--cause I do have to do some work during the day! Today, I went off the routine and discovered a site of pure loveliness. Now, I'm a girl who loves a good shoe, a great purse, delicious cupcakes and wonderful lip gloss but today the paper addict in me showed its force when I clicked to the latest Martha Stewart creation...Martha Stewart Crafts. As I tried to control my desire to buy everything I saw, all I thought was how this website works perfectly with the Summer Celebration Series. There are so many wonderfully chic and stylish DIY projects that will make even the non-crafty get in the spirit of creating. Here's what I've put on my wishlist: Tissue Paper Flower Bouquet Kit; Tissue Paper Flower Favor Box Kit;Tissue Paper Pom-Poms Kit;Eyelet Table Decoration Kit.

Look for more favorites and paper crafts in the Summer Celebration Series.

Happy Creating

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