Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Let Them Eat Cake!

Ask anyone who knows me, and they'll tell you I LOVE cake. If there is cake I'll never turn it down. So today for our Summer Celebration Series we're talking about cakes and other sweet treats for your celebrations. Whether you're hosting a birthday party, housewarming or after work mixer, dessert is the sweetest ending to a perfect party. While everyone will love the invites, decorations, music or food, it's what you serve for dessert that people get the most excited about. So how do you pick the right dessert for your party? Keep Reading. (photo courtesy of Baked NYC-dulce de leche cake)

Before you order the cake, here's some questions to ask yourself…

Q. What type of party are you having?

A. The type of party usually predicts what type of dessert you will serve. You can't have a birthday party without cake. But for a housewarming, you may think about serving your mom or grandma's special cookie recipes and creating a cookie bar. Another idea is to think about an ice cream bar for a back yard BBQ or brownies and rice krispy treats for a late-night mixer.

Q. What's your party theme?

A. I know I keep going back to that word THEME but believe it or not, a theme will make all your party planning sooooo much easier. If you're hosting a Hawaiian Luau, why are you pulling out the cake? Look for a sweet treat that fits with your theme. If you're hosting a fiesta, DON'T settle for cake think about a Mexican chocolate cake, Flan, Tres Leches cake or my favorite Sopapillas (with honey)! Sticking to your theme can often streamline your dessert choices.

Q. How many people will be at this event?

A. Size of your party ALWAYS matters when thinking about dessert. The number of guest will determine the quantity needed so when you're thinking about elaborate desserts, think of how much that will cost and if it's in your budget go for it! If dessert will end up breaking the bank re-think your dessert ideas.

Q. What's the age of the guest?

A. Tres Leche's cake will not work at a child's birthday party. Think about who is on your guest list and their age. You know you're guest and you know whether flan will go over real big or if you will be eating flan for 2 weeks.


Be creative: Whatever you choose for dessert be creative with it. Make the brownies into game pieces or make cookies that look like letters of the alphabet just have fun!

Be aware of food allergies: we can't be aware of all food allergies out there, but if you have a friend allergic to peanuts, don't put them in the dessert.

Know your guest of honor: If the birthday girl doesn't like chocolate cake don't order chocolate cake. If you must have chocolate cake (I understand) be creative and maybe do chocolate and vanilla cupcakes or have to smaller cakes or mix and match desserts so the crowd and your guest of honor are happy.
(photo from sprinkles cupcakes-party cupcake tower)

So this whole talk about cake would be null and void if I didn't share some of my favorite cake places across the country and oh yea some of them deliver... For those of you (me included) who love baking I've linked to some cool cake recipes to add to your recipe file. Enjoy!

Favorite Sites:

Sprinkles Cupcakes; Baked NYC; Lovin' Sullivan Cakes; Cake Girls; Crumbs Bake shop;


Martha Stewart Kids Carnival Cake; Vosages Chocolate; Real Simple-birthday party chocolate cupcakes and vanilla cupcakes

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