Tuesday, May 15, 2007

How Much?

It seems like everything and everybody is increasing their prices. While we know that gas prices have steadily increased the US Postal Service is announcing the change in the price for stamps. For those of us who send cute little notes in the mail…check your postage!

Here's the scoop on the price changes:

First-Class® letters $0.41 (first ounce) $0.17 (each additional ounce)

First-Class® Large Envelopes $0.80 (first ounce) $0.17 (each additional ounce)

First-Class® Packages $1.13 (first ounce) $0.17 (each additional ounce)

Priority Mail® Flat Rate Boxes $8.95

Priority Mail® Flat Rate Envelopes $4.60

(thanks USPS)

In Addition to the postal stamp changes a new FOREVER stamp has been introduced so that if there is a change in the price these stamps will always be valid. More info visit www.usps.com

Speaking of pricing, I've been working on pricing my own products. Let me just share… this is hard. I've created my product label stickers to go on my stationary—Woo-Hoo! Sample designs coming soon.

Now If I can only decide on a logo.

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