Sunday, May 13, 2007

Required Reading

Today I'm taking a break from all the party info I've provided to give you a required reading list. Now, not all of us love planning parties and these books will help you create innovative events that you can make authentically yours. I personally own all of these and as a seasoned party planner I pour through these books anytime I need a good idea so why shouldn't you? Whether you are a party planner by nature or one who needs a little guideance, these books are perfect! You can find all of them at your local barnes and noble, borders or other local book store.

Fete Accompli-written by two well-known publicist who plan parties for the stars this book is full of party planning tips, ideas and even DIY instructions for assembling various types of party decor. Oh yea! this book also has a workbook for those who need a bit more assistance.

Party Confidential-This book is also from the same publicist who wrote Fete Accompli this book is a bit more party focused with the same helpful hints and DIY and just as idea filled as their first book.

InStyle Parties-if you're an avid reader of InStyle magazine like I am, then you know that at the end of every issue they created these wonderful parties that you could create for your own celebration. This book has many of the parties seen in the magazine plus a few new one too. Their details instructions on how to do it yourself are perfect when you're planning a party at the last minute.

Simply Green Parties-Ok I don't have this one but while I was looking through Barnes and Noble online I fell upon this book that focuses on how to plan a completely "green" event. I love it! I've added this to my list.

Great Parties for Kids-For those of you who want to plan a party for your cute protege that is beyond Blues Clues or Dora The Explorer, this book is full of cool kids parties for children ages 0 to 10.

Handbook for Hosts: A Practical Guide to Party Planning and Gracious Entertaining-This book is put out by the magazine Town and Country Before you think its out of your league, its not, its pretty helpful in giving you etiquette cues and being a gracious host.

Real Simple Celebrations- The magazine Real Simple created a book that follows the same style of their magazine...creating simple, effortless and inexpensive ways to celebrate all types of events. I read this book and was ready to throw someone a birthday party.

There are so many books about parties, but not every book has what many of us are looking for when we want help in planning a party. The books are great for brainstorming, recipes, and creating a party from start to finish. Just add them to your list of books to purchase.

Happy Reading!

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