Saturday, May 5, 2007

!Cinco De Mayo!

Celebrate Cinco De Mayo today, sure it may be last minute but gather the friends and nave a little fiesta here is a quick guide for putting this fun celebration to gether.

Step one: Call your friends and invite them over for a fiesta

Step Two:visit your local party supply store or a Walmart of Target for plates, cups napkins etc. Pick bright bold colors like lime green, teal, orange, hot pick or yellow. You can mix and match these colors so that everything is not the same color. Here's some idea from Party City

While you're in party supply store look for a pinata, and have a fun close out to your fiesta (offer a mix of candy, beads, and even gift cards) however you fill it is up to you.

Step Three: visit the grocery story to create your fiesta menu. My suggestions is Chips with salsa and guacamole. Either purchase for your local grocery store of if you feel like cooking check out this guacamole recepie by Tyler Florence on the food network.

Enchiladas go great with chip or if you would rather a taco bar or create your own nachos either of these ideas are easy to do.

Finally serve a cool dessert like Mexican Chocolate Fondue and have a bunch of delectable dippers like: marshmallows, strawberries, bananas, chunks of pound cake.

For the drinks the classic margarita will always work, or try a nice sangria or good old cerveza (beer).

Once you've gathered all the stuff, you can start cooking or even make it an interactive event and have your friends help in cooking and that in itself is a fiesta!

Happy celebrating

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