Friday, May 4, 2007

Invitations Part Deux

When it comes to invitations there is definitely variety. Today I've collected a sample of invitations that can fit your budget, themes and levels of craftiness. Enjoy!

THE DESIGNER INVITE: Every year my sister places a request for an invite for my Niece's birthday and after talking to my niece to learn the array of colors that must be included, I create the invite. With a designer you have a blank canvas in which to create an invite. You can be and simple or as ornate as you desire. If your budget doesn't permit all the bells and whistles like some of these below, select a pre-packaged invite that suits your party theme. Here's a save the date created for a birthday event.

THE PACKAGED INVITE: When you need an invite quick and do not want to contact a designer these types of invites work perfectly for any event. I am in the process of creating my own line of packaged invites. Here is a sneak peek to one of my packaged invite designs.

THE DIY: Creating your own invites from scratch seems like a lot of work, but really is just as easy as filling in the blanks on a packaged invite. Here are some links to great invitation kits that are perfect for different events. [insert pictures for these too]

These DIY animal card kits would be perfect for an animal themed birthday for kids

Create a cool pop up card using the instructions from Martha Stewart Crafts

or the used the same site for instructions on making your own foldable cards

Need more DIY resources check out: Michaels, Target, Hobby Lobby and other craft and art supply stores for products and step-by-step instructions.

Happy Creating!

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