Wednesday, May 9, 2007

All About Logos

When you see a company do you look at their logo?
Recently because I'm starting a business, I've been looking at business logos and realizing that while it may seem simple to design, the reality is creating a logo is hard. For those of you who know about brand identity this is familiar to you but the rest of you who are still trying to remember a business logo this is what I've discovered...

A logo is about style, its about conveying everything you want to say without writing it. So I envision People St. Clair to be creative, innovative, a little quirky and definitely fun. How do you sare these traits? First through your font. Selecting a font that fits the personality of the company is half the battle. Sure some will say just find something and put it out there, but 10 years from today do you want some font you threw together to be how people see you?

Its like when I'm designing wedding monograms for clients. Their monogram is what sets the tone for their event. When friends and family see this monogram they know this is "offical wedding business." So finding the right font while tedious and sometimes frustrating is key to logo creation.

The next important component for a logo is the design. the question I ask is... do I want a border and what type or do I want a decorative back ground and should I include color. These are part of the process. Designing logos for me is easy, but when its mine it becomes a bit more personal. I understand why a client will grapple for days between helvetica and times new roman--because its all about what these things say to the person who will see it.

Today I release some logo ideas for you to view and if you feel like telling me which one is your favorite, I'd love to hear it.

Happy Creating!

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