Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The Gift Giver

What kind of gift giver are you? Are you the type to just walk into a store find something put it in a gift bag? OR Are you the type who looks for something that fits the person you're buying the gift for? Whether you're a gift giver by nature or one by force, here are a few tips to get you through the process and have people enjoy your gifts (in our next entry we'll talk about "re-gifting").

When searching for a gift here are some tips:

#1 Identify your purpose. If this is a birthday party you need to get a gift the birthday girl or boy will enjoy. Think about their hobbies, favorite colors or foods and look at a gift that will reflect the things they love. Oh and by the way if you're lost in the dark on trying to figure out what to give, ask them a few questions to give you a little guidance on identifying the best gift for them.

If you're searching for a Hostess gift, then go for something that would work in the Hostess house. If you're invited to her parties, you know her house. Find a cool kitchen gadget, cookbook, or cooking accessories (oven mit's or apron) that go with her kitchen. In essence a hostess gift should be about the hostess. Don't bring bottles of wine because that is a gift for the party but not for the hostess. One cool idea I heard once is to send the hostess a flower centerpiece arrangement this will help her with the decorations but also be an unexpected surprise that she can display for everyone to see.

#2 Know your budget don't break the bank on a gift. Be creative. I know for some of us, creativity is displayed in the design on the gift card. If you're on a budget, look at doing something that is partially assembled for you (like a stationary set or coffee set) so that all you have to do is add a few little extras to make it your own gift.

#3 Take your time most of us don't think about gifts until the day of the party. Then we rush to find anything and don't take the time to think about what a good gift would be. Give yourself some time to find something nice for your friend don't rush the gift creation process.

#4 Find a friend if all else fails, call a friend. We all have a person in our lives who is good and finding cool gifts. Enlist their help.

#5 Find cool wrapping paper or bags-So once you've found the gift why not top it off with lovely wrapping paper. Whether it's a cool gift bag or flashy wrapping paper why not top off your gift and wow your friends with cool gift wrap. While you can visit your local Target for cool wrap and bags here are a few other places I just love! wimsy press;Hedi;eieio

I know shopping for a gift isn't always easy and sometimes we need a little help. Check us out on Friday for our Gift Idea List and best places to find gifts easily.

Happy Gift Giving!

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