Friday, May 11, 2007

Gift Giving

Hello friends let's talk cool gift ideas and with Mother's Day right around the corner, this post is for you last minute mama's babies who just had time slip away from you. Let's Shop!

Wednesday we talked about how to search for a gift so today, it's all about where to find cool gifts and wrap them too. ** For you last minute Mother's Day shoppers--- Let's start with you. Forget shopping online, it's too late for you, after reading this post descend to the Mall and shop for something that speaks Mom. Here are some cool things that mom might like…

Jewelry-Think about a nice pendent necklace, lovely earrings, or bracelet. If your Mother is a big jewelry person why not purchase some lovely bling that she can wear and beam as she tells friends who bought it for her. The salespeople at the jewelry counters will work with your budget and you're Mother's style to find something perfect for her. Remember: Diamonds are never wrong J

Lovely Photos- Mom loves pictures of her kids whether it's a picture of you today or a cute baby picture you found. Find a cool frame, Monogram it if you would like, and place your beaming photo inside. Now if you have kids, think about a cool picture frame montage of you and the family. Mom will love it. Think about these types of frames below

Here are some more cool ideas:

Monogrammed Stationary; Lovely pajama set; Collection of lovely exotic teas with tea set; Aromatherapy set ; A Spalicious pamper set

Now I have to say don't buy your Mother a stationary set if she doesn't write notes or letters to people. Give Mom a gift she can use and think beyond the thought of "She'll love it because it comes from me." You're not 7 giving her the colorful noodle necklace that you made. So take some time and splurge a little this is your Mom.

Sorry, I had to be the Mom for a second. Now let's continue… Finding cool gifts whether its for a birthday, housewarming or just because can be easy and effortless. Many stores now have pre-assembled gift sets or you can create your own gift bag based on a theme like

The Bakers Dozen: find a cool mixing bowl set and then fill with a cool cookbook on baking and then fill the bowl with oven mits, apron and cool kitchen gadgets specific to baking. Visit crate and barrel, sur la table, to find cool kitchen stuff.
Other cool kitchen focused ideas: Wine Tasting; Gormet Chef; Food Themed (Italian, Asian, Grilling); All about Breakfast.
Home Pamper Package: visit your favorite store of bath goodies like Sephora, Bath and Body Works , Body Shop or department stores like Nordstroms etc. and create a cool bag of bath gels, soaps, body lotions creams and candles. Then if you feel like doing a bit more add in a foot soak or face mask and some face towels.

We can go on and on about cool gift ideas so let's talk about wrapping your gifts. Martha Stewart on her Martha Stewart Crafts website has great instructions on how to tie a bow and wrap gifts so click here to get step by step instructions if you're boxing your gifts.

If your thinking about putting it in a bag find a bag that will fit your gifts and not be too heavy and rip or tear the bag. Find some filler (I call it crinkle stuff like what you find in Easter Egg baskets) to place at the bottom of your bag then insert your gift items. Next open up the tissue paper when at the store pick a coordinating color (this doesn't have to be the same color as the bag) and begin to stuff into the bag. I usually take the end or place the paper in the palm of my hand and gather it and twist it and push this end to the bottom of the bag (it makes the paper stand up better). Insert tissue paper until your bag looks full and you're done. Bows and extras are optional.

May shopping for gifts be just a little easier

Happy Shopping!

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