Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Create a book

I saw these over on the Bluelines blog and had all types of ideas. These blank board books are perfect for all types of projects. Let me share a few...

#1 You could uses these to make wonderful childrens books. You can incorporate little ones in the creation of the story and cut out your own pictures.
#2 You can use these little books to be the basis of a baby shower design. Incorporate the party theme and create a lovely little story that can lead up to the shower invite on the last page.
#3 You can use them as an activity at a birthday party allowing kids to make their own story creation to share with their parents.
#4 You could use them for a party centerpiece for a children's birthday party. I would think the book could feature the number of the year the child is.

There are plenty of ideas and these are just a few to get you started. This is such a great weekend craft everyone can enjoy.

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