Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Idea Catcher

Recently I've been a keeper of list for People St. Clair and all other aspects of my life. I think this Idea Log from knock knock biz will help separate those things I'd like to do for People St. Clair and the dreams of remodeling {painting} I'd like to do to my house.

Of course once I found one thing on the knock knock biz website I stumbled upon a few other things that well I'd just get a kick out of too.

11 Hours a Day Pad- perfect since work doesn't always end after 8-hours of service.

These Accomplish pads would be great for celebrating all victories.


Kati said...

i loooove knock knock! thanks for the comment on the post - i'm so flattered! both Peoples Paper and PLT are daily reads of mine!

People St.Clair said...

hi Kati,
thanks for the lovely comment. I get such a kick out of the things knock knock creates its functional, humorous, and the design is great too--how can you not love it. :)