Monday, November 5, 2007

Handmade Holiday

As I was looking at my holiday gift list and thought about what to give friends and family, I got inspired. While I will shopping for some gifts, I'm also looking to have more handmade items under the my Christmas Tree this year. I'm going to say it... yes, I will not only shop for handmade gifts but make a few of my own. Lucky you, I'll talk about it here. Before I start talking about craftista journey, let me share some things I have my eyes on....

I love these Patapri Kitchen Towels

This Moop Market Bag is perfect for anything including the market.

My girlfriends could use a little wristlet like this. Oh, and I could put this wristlet in my market bag for a transition from day to night.

Did you notice how these gifts went from being for friends to being for me? Yea, I noticed that change in word tense too... but I promise these gifts really will be for everyone but me. {ok almost all will be for everyone but me}

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