Friday, September 21, 2007

Calendar Girl

Even with smart phones, PDAs etc I still have to have a paper calendar. Sure your PDA can store everything you can imagine but when all else fails.... you can't go wrong with paper. Here are some calendars That could suit

I know for most of us, there's never enough time in a day so when I saw 8 Days-A Week calendar that gave me an extra day in the week I felt like finally my growing list of things to do could be scheduled.

If you're a doodler like me try the 8-Days a Week Doodle Planner.

Another great agenda is specifically for Moms who have to keep track of everyone's schedule.

I really just like the designs and bold patterns of these Whomi Calendars.

Now you may not need a calendar until August {like me} but its always good to look.

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