Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Prelude to the Party-101

I know you've heard it over and over again, that your invitation is the prelude to your event. Well, its true! Your invitation is what gets guest excited and eagerly anticipating your event. So why not give them a peek inside your plans with a wonderfully styled invite? Of course not all of us have big wedding budgets to spend a lot of money on invitations but whatever your budget... don't forget the invite. Let me show you why. Thanks to weddings featured on my latest blog discovery Faye and Greer, I've taken components of a wedding and invitation they featured separately and shown how your invitations are just as important as all the other wedding details.

The chic and simply lovely designed invite and its yellow hue picked up on the romantic charm this wedding exudes.(photos from mel barlow via faye and greer; invitation little tree press)

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