Monday, July 30, 2007

Get Colorful

We've talked a lot about color and if you didn't notice I believe a colorful invitation is so valuable to any celebration. Now before you think you're budget can't afford color, you can accessories your black and white printed invite with colorful and printed ribbons, decorative paper and even colorful envelopes with stylish liners. The possibilities are endless, and will not strain your budget.

I have found this wonderful website via something old and something new. I was playing around and trying to see how this fun website works and as I was playing with color palettes, I thought wouldn't this site be great for trying to figure out harmonious color hues for your invitations or even your entire wedding. You can browse hues created by other users or create your own color palette (of course after creating a login). I know I'm a bit color obsessed but all because I want you to see more than just black and white when it comes to an invitation.

(sample color palette from colour lovers)

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