Thursday, June 7, 2007

Please Save the Date!

There was a time when all you needed to do was find a beautiful wedding invitation and send it to guest. Now that's not the case, you must ask your guest to save the date. Why? Well it ensures friends and family do not plan their vacations on the weekend of your wedding. If you have other engaged friends this pre-invite tells them to not plan their wedding on the same date. The save the date card has become necessary as our lives get busy. Save the dates are especially necessary for destination event and summer weddings so guest can map out their travel and vacation plans. Save the dates are traditionally creative and allow you to do anything you can to cleverly announce your wedding date and have your guest mark their calendars.

Here are some cool options for how you can have your guest save the date!
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The key things to include in your save the date are of course the date (duh) Location and who's getting married. From there you can keep it short and simple or infuse some of your creativity into your design. For example tell your proposal story or if you two met in a funny or interesting way share that story.

But here are some things to be aware of when creating your save the date.

1. Do think about the quality as it is the first thing about your wedding people will see. Don't just sent out some quick printed with limited style announcement because it speaks for your wedding. Who wants "quickie" attached to their wedding?

2.Don't over do your save the date. Don't go overboard with the save the date because all it is suppose to do is tell friends and family to mark that date on their calendars so Keep It Simple and Stylish!

3. Plan to send out your Save The Date card shortly after you have reserved your venues and secured the date. It would be really horrible if you send out your cards saying "Save the Date June 10th" and couldn't reserve June 10th anywhere. Send out your save the dates once you have secured the key components to your wedding....The Ceremony and Reception venues.

4. Think Logos and Monograms for destination events. Really you can use logos and mongrams for your event even if its not a destination. But this is a perfect way to set the look for your event so why not take it to the hilt?

5. Customize your stamps. Yes you heard me right. Customize your stamps! Use some of those extra engagement photos or have the designer of your invites convert your graphic motif, logo or monogram into your stamp. How cool is that right? For more info visit photo stamps

6. Like any printed material do not wait until the last minute. I just doesn't make any sense for Save the Date cards to be sent a couple of months before your invitations (it kinda alters its purpose).

If you don't want to send out a traditional card there are plenty of creative ways to tell friends and family SAVE THE DATE! here are some links below.

Save the Date Stickers
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Here's to Wedded Bliss!

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