Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Need Help? Call a Wedding Planner

Before we talk about why wedding planners make wedding planning so much easier, I want to say that Every Sunday this month, I'm going to post a color scheme and theme concept. **Check PeoplesPaper out on Sunday's for our first color scheme, I'm thinking Parisian…. Oooo La La.

In order to create the wedding of your dreams it's hard to devote the time and energy needed to get the details together so why not contact a wedding planner. I know I know you're thinking it's too expensive. You're probably wondering how can a wedding planner help you when you're not having a big budget wedding? Then there are some of you who have heard wedding planning horror stories (I've heard some crazy ones too). Well put all those stories and preconceived notions to the side. A wedding planner can benefit you whether they plan your event from start to finish or make sure your wedding day goes perfectly. No matter what your budget is, think again about hiring a wedding planner and here's some reasons why…

1.Knowledge- your wedding planner knows the wedding industry its trends and the tips and tricks to save money and time. More importantly, a wedding planner knows their market.
PLANNING TIP if you're wedding planner isn't aware of the best cake in the city or where to find lovely flowers then this may not be a planner you want helping you plan your wedding.

2.Stress Reliever- planning a wedding and dealing with the antics of friends, family and people you don't even know is not easy for you as the bride to handle alone. Who knew your bridesmaid has decided that she's wearing a white shoe even if a black one is required? It's these type of unexpected events that could cause you to pull your hair out. A wedding planner is good at compromise and creating ways to make the bridesmaid happy. Not only this she's good at handling all the problems you just don't want to deal with. Why? They're savvy and have been through this numerous times before so they can handle it, believe me they've heard and seen crazier.

3. Time Saver- who has time to spend going to various vendors during the day? If you don't work, then you can visit all the vendors and make the appointments but most brides are at work, and if you're working 40 to 60 hours a week then trying to contact vendors and talk wedding details all in one day will drive you insane. A wedding planner will handle those wedding details so that at the end of the day you can rest and relax known things are taken care of.

4.Creativity-wedding planners are creative, they are not afraid to put a new twist on a traditional concept. They see your vision and want to make it the best it can be and have the skill to re-create those visions within your budget.

5. A 2nd Opinion- When you need help deciding on colors or dresses, a wedding planner can provide you the opinion of someone totally outside your circle of friends or family. The planner will be honest while making sure not to hurt your feelings. They will help you keep your focus on your vision and your budget but more importantly they will tell you why a dress, or shoes you love may or may not work for you and then show you something better you didn't notice before.

6. Money saver-wedding planners will work to get more bang for your buck. They will work with vendors they are familiar with and who will be more inclined to offer them some extra benefits. Wedding planners know how to bargain and how to also figure out ways to make your centerpieces or cake cheaper while not eliminating style of your event.

A wedding planner is truly a benefit to a bride and even if you think your budget or the ideas you have for your wedding will not allow for a wedding planner, think again. Many wedding planners offer services that work with your specific needs so let me help you out.

You full-service wedding planning if…

If you are a bride who needs the assistance of a wedding planner for your wedding from the engagement party to after wedding brunch, then you need a wedding planner's full services

You need a wedding producer if…

You're having a big production wedding with large guest counts, large venue set-ups and your event is a complete platinum wedding. A wedding producer will execute your event and all its set up, and design concepts and hire a massive staff to help execute your platinum nuptials.

You need a wedding day director/coordinator if…

You've planned your wedding and just need someone to handle all the details for the wedding weekend. This type of service includes coordinating the rehearsal and assisting in event set up and direction for the wedding ceremony and reception.

You may need partial wedding planning service if…

You started planning your wedding and it became too much to handle and you need the help of a wedding planner to help you finish the rest of your wedding details. These partial service packages are perfect and allow you to set some details but with help you can do so much more.

**Some wedding planners also offer their services for one element of the wedding planning. Like going with you to a dress fitting, running last minute errands and will happily help you get some of your wedding planning details off your To Do list.

Tips for finding the right Wedding Planner for you…

1.Does this person see your vision? If the wedding planner is distorting your ideas or tailoring them to their ideas, this may not be the right person for you.

2. Will the wedding planner give your wedding the communication and time it needs? Find out if they're working on other weddings around that same time. This will tell you how much time they'll truly devote. If they have an assistant or a staff they'll be able to manage if they don't it may be a bit more difficult.

3.What are their rates? Some planners charge by the percentage others have a flat rate and some charge by the hour. When you ask about their fee also find out what's included in that fee. Now, it's easy to look at a service list and think you're not getting any true value for the cost but in reality---wedding coordinating and getting everything together is a lot more work than you see which is why the cost is fair and necessary.

4.Can you see yourself working closely with this person. Your wedding planner will be your new best friend so if you don't feel a connection it's not going to appear later.

I know it's a lot of information today but I hope it will cause you to think again about enlisting family to help and think about using a wedding planner.

Here's to wedding bliss!

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