Friday, May 18, 2007


How many parties do you go to where there is no music playing in the background? If you even mentioned one party, I hate to tell you this but that wasn't a party. When throwing a party, MUSIC is just as important as food, d├ęcor or my favorite word… THEME. Today for the Summer Celebration Series it's all about MUSIC!

Music is my passion. I've got the overloaded iTunes to prove it. As an avid party planner and consummate hostess, when I'm thinking about a party, I'm also thinking about the right music to play while guest mingle, eat and chat. I believe every party has a Soundtrack, and depending on the type of party you're having the music serves to work with your party theme and keeping your party going. At my own housewarming, conversations stopped and the room went crazy as Sugarhill Gang's Rappers Delight began to play. I didn't think the songs would evoke that kind of response but music is great for people to come together, dance, sing or just remember when…

In the age of iTunes and CD burning it's easy to create your own party soundtrack. Now if you don't think you're musically inclined, you have to have a friend who is ask for their help. For my friends, I'm the party mix guru so when any friend has a party I'll happily make a mix. (I think I'm a closeted DJ)

Here are my tips for party music:

1.Know your guest: While it's your party don't play only your favorite songs. Think about who you've invited to your soiree and mix it up.

2.Don't make it too fast or too slow:Let me just say this… slow music is for intimate dinners for two or the last call on the dance floor at the club, but not your party. Now when having a party go from fast to mid-tempo tunes so that you're guest aren't on edge by the end of the evening.

3.DON'T find one CD and press play and walk away : we all know someone who does this --don't be that person. There are only a few CDs that you can put them in and press play and the music is perfect from start to finish one CD that comes to mind is Eryka Badu's Worldwide Underground. So find a few CDs and mix it up!

4.iPods are not the answer to your party: I know the iPod is wonderful, but not every song on your iPod is party worthy so just like you can't press play on a CD and walk away—same goes for the iPod.

5.Mix Old with New: Who wants to hear all the current hits at a party? Your guests hear them on the radio every day. Mix it up, reach back and play some current hits and old but good hits that take you back to High School, College whatever but mix it up.

6.Don't be scared to Download: No one has the perfect collection—unless you're a DJ and even then they're still missing something. So visit iTunes and other (LEGAL) music download sites and that way you can create your own party mix. Now downloading cost money. I love iTunes because the songs are 99cents but you may like other sites so visit get the music you love and make your perfect party mix.

Most of all have fun finding great songs for your party. Here is one more tip. There are plenty of pre-mixed CDs out there that will work for a party too. If you need help creating your party mix--Look out for I LOVE MUSIC part two on Monday for some of my music suggestions and playlist ideas. Until then…Happy Creating!

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