Saturday, May 26, 2007

The "Grown Up" Birthday Party

After we turn 21 is there a reason to have a big birthday bash? YES! If you've let go of the birthday party because you're now a "grown up"--well you're missing out. A "grown up" birthay is so much more fun than any kid party any day. Why? Well you can do whatever you want.

My birthday is coming up, and this year I'm celebrating! I've told you that I'm having an old school 80s themed bash. Its not a monumental year nor is anything major happening, I just want a fun birthday party! So you "grown up" you, lets talk about hosting a grown up birthday celebration. Oh yea, it will definitely be quick, easy and fun. Let's get started.

***(sidebar)***I should say that never plan your birthday party a week to days before the actual affair. Its your birthday put some time into it. Oh yea, as an adult, you're ok if you throw your own party (you know you the best--so why not). If friends want to celebrate your birth let them plan it and enjoy! ****

Now back to planning....

Pick a THEME. I know you get it but I still have to say it. A theme for your party will make everything soooo much easier. My birthday is old school 80s (think breakin'). Your party can be whatever theme you'd like. Need some help? Here's some ideas.

1.Vegas Themed: If you can bring in some tables make it happen! If you can't purchase some cards, chips and have a series of games happening all at once so guest can rotate then have a winners match. Go and get some big prizes for the winners (like a dinner gift card; a gift bag or basket from a company like Bespoke Boxes for a cool gift box. You can also visit Red Envelope too. Design your invites like playing cards.

2.Era themed party: So you want to have a flashback party, we'll you've got history on your side. So if you want to make it 80s or even 90s then think about music, clothese trends and create your party all around that time. Think about how old you were then and pull all those elements into a party.

3. The classic birthay: Channel your inner child and have a good old classic birthday. Yes I'm talking birthday hats, noise makers and fun games. Challenge your friends to find out who knows you the best and give the winner a prize (does that mean they become your best friend? You work that out).

4. Host a fiesta: there's nothing like salsa music, mojitos and delicious foods. Think of having a theme to the food (taco bar; nachos bar etc). Send out multi-colored invitations and yes have a pinata.

For more party ideas themes visit this cool website that's all about parties...plum party

Once you have picked your theme, follow the rest of these steps...
Set a date, time and location Think about your guest size and if your place is too small, search for a place that will fit you and your friends.

Create your invitation Let your theme determine you invitation design. If you don't like the invites you see in your local party store, contact a company like people st. clair to help you design your invitations.
Once you've found the right invite plan to send it out 4 to 3 weeks prior to your event.

Purchase your decorationsIf you have a party theme and decorating isn't your thing, no worries, most party stores will do all of it for you. Now if you like to decorate yourself, let your style and party theme conversate with each other and create your own decor that represents your party and your style.

Find music use one of our playlist from our I Love Music post or start searching iTunes and other music purchasing/download sites and make your funky music mix. If your budget allows think about hiring a DJ.

Plan your menu. Keep the menu simple. Don't go gourmet for your birthday do easy to cook finger foods. Visit your local sams club, costco etc and look at their party appetizers and if it fits your party get it. Make the menu easy on yourself. (You have to cook all of it!)

Cocktails anyone? Keep this simple and easy. Find some easy puch bowl cocktails. visit websites like Martha Stewart, Rachel Ray Magazine, or the food network for great recipes.

The Cake: Don't leave this out! Select your favorite cake flavor or opt for cool cupcakes, so many bakeries make these now that you don't seem like a kid asking for them.

Now that you have all your elements its time to put them all together. On the day of your party limit the things you have to do by doing decorations the night before, Cook food roughly 2-hours before the party starts and mix cocktails 30 mins before the guest arrive. When the doorbell rings you're ready!

Oh yea, its your birthday buy a new outfit!

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