Friday, May 25, 2007

Don’t forget the Party Favor

I know when planning a party sometimes the last thought on your mind is a party favor. Well, re-think your thoughts on the party favor. Whether your hosting a large or small celebration, that treat guest get to take home with them is a great reminder of all the fun they had. So as we start to conclude our Party segment of the Summer Celebration Series and move into weddings here are some tips on the types of party favors to give.

Sweet Treats: Who doesn't like a little something sweet packaged in a goodie bag or box for them at the end of the evening. Picture them nibbling on their treat while recapping the party in car.

If you want to give guest something sweet think about these items:

Frosted cookies that commemorate the event. Have your local bakery create a lovely message design or even picture on the cookie. This bakery out of New York, Eleni's cookies does all types of parties and events.

Think Chocolate you can't go wrong with this cocoa confection, so why not give guest a box of truffles, a brownie from Mari's New York, a chocolate bar with your own specially designed paper, or customize some M& Ms for the event.

Have a Cupcake! This one is my favorite (mainly for my love of cake) but why not if guest have enjoyed each other's company or no one felt like sweets give them as a gift as they leave.

There is nothing better than a bag of candy. Whether your 2 or 52, candy always does the trick. Now don't go to the grocery store and find the first bag of candy you see. Think about candy creatively. Maybe give out jelly bellies in your party colors or give guest an old-fashioned swirl pop, or candy you loved as a kid. Visit Dylan's Candy Bar (then schedule an appointment with your dentist)

Not all of us want to give candy, so think about maybe some other items like these…

CD mix- if guest enjoyed what they heard why not burn CDs of your music mix so they can enjoy it on the way home or when they're working out.

Gift Card- Don't panic! Think about a gift card to Starbucks.

T-Shirt- Some parties are so much fun they require a t-shirt so friends can commemorate their attendance. That's like my New Edition Concert T-shirt from 8th grade. Some experiences like parties say it best with a t-shirt.

Deck of Cards-you can customize a deck of cards and have them printed and give them to friends as they leave (this is perfect for game night or vegas themed events)

Personal stationary-if you're hosting all ladies, a lovely note card set with their initial is always a wonderful parting gift

Finding the right party favor for your celebration can actually be a lot of fun, so when you're thinking about your party and all its details don't forget the party favor. Your guest will be glad you remembered.

(pictures sources: Mari's New York; Eleni's NYC)

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