Thursday, March 6, 2008

New Love #6 Galison

**Hi all, sorry for the limited post. I've been battling a flu bug and slowly getting back to blogging.

Galison creates some lovely paper goodies that you can't help but enjoy. I'm currently in love with the memo mousepads.

If you're working at your computer and an idea hits use this memo pad to capture your idea. Perfect for keeping track of your daily things to do, websites, phone messages and instead of searching for paper and pen, its right there under your mouse. Of course once you see these mouse pads you'll fall in love with their other products too.

File Folders

I'm also in love with their new stationary sets. Filled with note cards, file storage systems and all types of paper goodies just look at all the lovely patterns how could you not want these to fill your office?


Kelly said...

love those mousepads. even though i don't use one, i think i could make an exception for these lovelies...

People St.Clair said...

I get annoyed by mousepads myself, but I love these pads. Plus I'm always at the computer and need paper to write things down I see online and these are perfect for that.