Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Calling Card

If you're like me the appeal of a calling card is really because it's chic designs and customization make it stand apart from a typical and traditional business card. Well, finding the right calling card for you is all about identifying a style or pattern that represents your style. Now, a calling card is all about you. It is also personal, so leave all your business info {titles, office numbers etc} at work and uses these cards for social networking.

Need inspiration to assist you in finding the right calling card for you? I've found a bunch of designs and companies that allow you to customize your card to your hearts delight...

Crane &Co.'s ultra chic and totally sophisticated cards allow you to also include a humorous twist like this card by sharing a personalized title.

My favorite place for wonderful yet hip patterns and designs while showcasing your initials is iomoi's calling cards. Having more than one favorite is inevitable.

Need a cute calling card that say's your the mommy of little grace? What better way to set up play dates or just keep track of friends than with these mommy centric calling cards. Sure you can include vital contact info for babysitters, daycare etc. These will also help in storing names and creating your own mommy and me club. Sure it may seem like the ultimate luxury, but when you're trying to keep track of who's who... the calling cards can help. I love these from Bunny Maxwell

and of course iomoi has some lovely ones too. Plus this cute little site called sophie and spice has some wonderful designs as well.

If you're trying to decide whether or not you need a calling card, I vote yes. Go ahead and order you a box and revel in how stylish everyone thinks you are.

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