Monday, August 6, 2007

Pop up Art

Did you ever have a pop-up book? I loved every single one I had and loved them even more when the objects popped up and then with a pull of an arrow moved too. In my young age, this concept of the pop-up book was GENIUS. Of course as you get older you forget the whimsical wonder that abounds with a pop-up book and I must admit, finding them for me became difficult when looking for a cool book to give friends for baby shower gifts. I normally do my blog reading in the morning and fell upon a wonderful entry by Marta of the blog Marta Writes and saw her entry about Robert Sabuda and couldn't help but share.

After visiting Sabuda's site and checking out all the various pop-up books created by Sabuda I was excited to know that one of my childhood favorites looked even better through the eyes of Sabuda. Titles vary from Wizard of Oz to an Encyclopedia of Phobias so if you think you can't find something to have for your very own, then you just aren't looking hard enough. These pop-up books are perfect for birthday gifts for the little ones, baby showers and the kid in you. Enjoy!

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