Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Yea, that's what I said... Fashionary. The Macbeth Collection known for its decoupage storage containers has a stylish line of staionary. These note pads are perfect for quick messages, list or writing down links to favorite sites like this one.

click here for more notepad styles from the fashionary line?

While we're talking about the Macbeth Collection here are some other great items that would be perfect for your desk, gifts or just for your own personal indulgence.

These clipboards are perfect for all event planners looking for stylish ways to hold on to timelines, checklist and other little things while youre executing events. **Another cool idea {i picked up from blueprint} use these clipboards and have them hang on your wall as a filing system in your office to organize your stuff. If you're like me trying to keep up with ideas, designs, request etc. These clip boards are perfect.

While you're looking for office supplies pick up these file folders too {my picks the "cane" style in chocolate, grass or pink}

The magnet boards are a cool way to keep those invitations, and appointment cards in plain sight so you don't forget to RSVP.

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Preppy Napkin said...

Love the clipboards. Great for taking orders!