Saturday, August 4, 2007

Behind the Board

Have you checked out my inspiration board? Now let me tell you why I picked this one… I was attracted to the color scheme and wondered who is the Brewster family and what did I think displayed who they are. A lot can be said in the color choices of this card and with its vibrant color palette I thought this is a chic, stylish family not at all conservative in their style and décor choices. So bold room colors and unique decor and design with the use of decorative prints that are bold but not overdone. I'll admit this card was a choice but not my first choice, but I love a challenge and as I started looking for different pictures I loved these and thought these room choices exhibited my impression of this family.

As for the other cards I've posted, look for boards about these as well, but I fell in love with this board so this is the one we're submitting. The rest will be for me to use and play with different ideas.

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