Thursday, July 19, 2007

You've Got Cooties

Who knows what's gotten into me in the past few days with my desire to be crafty. Possibly it's me trying to come up with activities for my niece's visit in the next few days or it could be that the crafty girl inside me finally decided to come out and be seen. Today craft interest…the cootie catcher. I made these for my best friends little girls and they went crazy over them. I folded and wrote cute words and sayings in lovely script and sent them in the mail. I was so impressed with them I even made one for myself. Then I thought about how many times I've seen these cute little pieces of our childhood in grown up ways. The first time I saw this was on the pages of Martha Stewart Weddings when the editor got married. She used the cootie catcher to engage guest and create instant socialization by having guest do various things like say hello to someone you don't know; dance with the bride or make a toast. Her novel idea is one I share with people willing to use it.

The great thing about the cootie catcher is its perfect for a fun game at a slumber party; cool way to invite girlfriends to a bridal shower or baby shower; great way to create interaction at a wedding reception or rehearsal dinner and a nice parting favor for friends at a birthday party. Whatever you choose fun will be had by all. Now, that I've created these with paper… lets head to the good old computer and create a template of some custom designs. {Want a custom cootie cater? Send us an email we'll provide you an easy to fold and use template; want to make your own click the link}

(image by cox and cox)

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Julie at BV said...

this is pretty cool. Thank you for sharing